In Freedom’s Cause by Heirloom Audio Productions {A CD Review}


My family is always game for a great audio book. And if it's dramatized, it even keeps the attention of all the boys! We have been waiting for the chance to review In Freedom's Cause, especially since we all loved Under Drake's Flag last year. I am pleased to announce that Heirloom Audio … [Read more...]

Sleep Apnea Update

It's been awhile since I wrote my initial post on sleep apnea in children. Since then, my son has received a CPAP machine to help with his breathing. Have you tried to get a teenager to do anything that they do not want to do?? Let's just say that it is a nightly struggle with a new set of … [Read more...]

Random 5 on Friday

Jeremiah in Glasses

It's been awhile since I've participated in Random 5. It's a great way to wrap up the week. There's so many unwritten posts in my head and things I want to share but life has a way of running away. Here's just a little of the crazy going on: My youngest got glasses. We actually got him two … [Read more...]

Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night’s Sleep {A Book Review}

Nourished Book Review and Giveaway

I have to admit - I practically begged to be able to review this book. The title intrigued me - "Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night's Sleep". What is this "full night's sleep" you speak of? I haven't seen one in so many years!!! Becky Johnson and her daughter, Rachel … [Read more...]