Journaling with Bible Art

Bible Art collage

First, because I can be somewhat of a grammar "journaling" even a real word?? I think that if it's not legit yet that it will be added as a word very soon. And it still blows my mind that new words can be developed. But that's for another post... I am always looking for new ways to … [Read more...]

Happy Spring!!!

spring rose

Today is the first day of Spring. While many other states have spent the winter buried under snow drifts, Florida has had a mild winter. It hasn't been too bad here but we did have a couple of nights that dipped below freezing. Unfortunately, that means that many of our buds on our Japanese … [Read more...]

Editor in Chief, A Painless Way to Learn Grammar and Punctuation (A Review)

Editor in Chief 2

  The Critical Thinking Co is always one of those booths at homeschool conference that I would always stalk. I just knew something at that booth would hold the secret that would give my kids the academic edge. What I didn't realize that learning that could be fun. I've always loved … [Read more...]

Supplement Science with Visual Learning Systems {A Review}

Visual Learning System Review @AdenaF

My kids love science. It's probably their favorite subject. Which is strange because it was never mine. But then I only had a boring textbook. I think that's why I always try to find fun ways to supplement our school. When Visual Learning Systems came up for a review, all of us were excited. For … [Read more...]