Need a Hands-On Fun Way to Teach Bible to Your Children? {A Review}


  I love to incorporate the Bible in as many of our studies as I can but sometimes it's nice to do a study just of the sake of studying the Bible. Especially now that the Christmas season is fast approaching! We always read the story of Jesus' birth but often I wonder how much younger kids … [Read more...]

Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In

Okay. It's time for a little truth.  If you know me at all, you might have picked up that I have a problem with consistency. I can never stay at any one thing too long. Even homeschooling - I am constantly changing curriculum and/or methods. So, when I started THM, I was thrilled because … [Read more...]

Wednesday Weekly Weigh In

Well, it's that time again.  This past week has been crazy hectic. And I cheated.  You would think I would cheat because of Halloween but I didn't. In fact, I did really good, (well, I still haven't had time to exercise any) until the week started. I got stressed and went to Moe's … [Read more...]

Brinkman Adventures Provides a Fun Audio Adventure for the Entire Family {A Review}

Brinkman Adventures Review

My family was first introduced to Brinkman Adventures a little more than a year ago when I had the opportunity to review Season 2 of their audio adventures. (You can read that review here.) It was so enjoyable and my youngest was thrilled when we saw their booth at the homeschool conference a few … [Read more...]

Wednesday Weekly Weigh-In

Just a quick accountability post. During the past week I only lost .4. I'm okay with that though. Know why? Well, they say confession is good for the soul so.... This past weekend I went off plan a little. Saturday night I went out of town shopping with my oldest daughter and a friend. And of … [Read more...]

Institute for Excellence in Writing Provides Resources for Your Homeschool {A Review}

IEW Resources review

If you were to do a survey among homeschool families and ask for their favorite curriculum publishers, it won't take very long before you hear "Institute for Excellence in Writing", or "IEW". You might remember my previous review of their writing curriculum. Or when I listed them as a top curriculum … [Read more...]