Learning to Trust

It's been a rough week. If you have been following my blog, then you know about my son's diagnosis of sleep apnea. It explains so many of our concerns we've had for years. He had surgery in February to remove his tonsils and adenoids and even though when we had that done, we weren't convinced it … [Read more...]

Flowers of spring in bloom, isolated. Pattern.

 It's been a rough week. Everyone is getting spring fever and ready for another school break. Yes, we did just kinda, sorta, had one a couple of weeks ago. But my kids remind me it's  not completely a vacation when we take school books along. Even if it is a reduced schedule.  I … [Read more...]


When Calls the Heart – Season 1 Giveaway, Interview, S2 Premier Excitement

S1 Giveaway, interview with Erin, S2 premiere insights #faithTV #hearties

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably know by now that we do not own a television. We like to have more control over what our family watches and honestly, trying to find anything worth watching is usually not even worth the hassle.  When I was approached to watch an early … [Read more...]

ARTistic Pursuits Middle School – The Elements of Art and Composition { A Review }

ARTistic Pursuits Review

I admit art is one of those subjects that I struggle with. I struggle doing it. I struggle teaching it. It is one of the first subjects that I will outsource. I do believe it is important; I just don't feel adequate enough to teach it. However, I have been unable to find art lessons where we moved … [Read more...]

Weekly Wrap Up: The Week We Spent in Texas

Lackland AFB

We haven't had a family vacation (other than going out of town to visit family or attend a conference) in years. Years. Like, I think, almost 9 years now. That's too long. Don't worry, we do take day trips. So, when got the invite to go to San Antonio, Texas to watch my son-in-law graduate from Air … [Read more...]

Online Interactive Storybook Makes Learning Fun { Orphs of the Woodlands Review }


I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try, my kids do not prefer learning online. This surprises me because they would spend all day on some form of electronics if I would let them. However, I knew that they would enjoy my latest review opportunity from Star Toaster. Finally!! … [Read more...]

Cursive Penmanship Program { A Review for Memoria Press }

penmanship examples

There seems to always be a debate going on in the educational realm for one thing or another. Lately, I've seen people discussing whether it's important to learn cursive handwriting or if it should, like most art, music and physical education programs, be tossed aside. Iris Hatfield, the author of … [Read more...]