Trim Healthy Mama Favorites

THM meals

I'm still trying to incorporate as many Trim Healthy Mama recipes as I can in my menu. I'm hoping with school now starting that I can settle into more of a routine and do THM 100%. As I find great recipes, you know, the ones you feel like you should be cheating.  All of these recipes we … [Read more...]

Our Homeschool Curriculum Picks for 2015 -2016 School Year

Curriculum Picks for 2015 2016

  I had every intention of officially starting our new school year next week. Which probably explains why I've been unable to shut my brain down to sleep and waking up in a panic for the past two weeks - I still hadn't decided on curriculum!! This would even be a bigger problem if I … [Read more...]

Funtastic Unit Studies Puts the Fun Back into Science Unit Studies {A Review}

Funtastic Unit Studies Review

  I have found that anytime you want to get kids back on track to love learning, just throw in a unit study. That has always worked for me. That's one reason why we spend each summer doing unit studies. As summer was starting and I still hadn't figured out our summer plans,  I was … [Read more...]